Harbour Women's Health consists of a group of OB/Gyn practitioners located on the seacoast. In addition to practicing medicine, we support local programs that lead to overall improved caring for women. We have sought after measures that would best complement our overall services, such as in-office diagnostic tests and outpatient procedures, to offer convenience and lower patient costs. We provide convenient in-office diagnostic tests such as ultrasound and bone density. We offer many outpatient procedures (such as colposcopy, LEEP, and biopsy) in our office, to offer convenience and lower patient costs.


  • Preventive Health Care
  • Urogynecological program, diagnosis and treatment
  • Urodynamic Testing
  • Cancer Screening
  • Birth Control Options, including oral medications, intrauterine device (IUD), implants and permanent birth control
  • Mature Woman Care
  • Adolescent Health Care Program
  • Menopause Counseling and Treatment
  • Premenstrual Syndrome Counseling and Treatment
  • Infertility and Family Planning
  • Pre-Natal and Pregnancy Care
  • 2D/3D/4D AIUM Accredited Ultrasound Services
  • Nuchal Translucency Testing

Minor In-Office Surgical Procedures

  • Novasure (Endometrial Ablation)
  • Essure (Tubal Ligation)
  • Hysteroscopy (Interior fiberoptic evaluation of the uterus)
  • Labioplasty (Surgical repair of the labia)
  • Sonohysterography (Diagnostic view of the interior of the uterus using fluid instillation under ultrasound guidance)
  • Colposcopy (Office exam of the cervix to assess abnormal pap smears)
  • LEEP (In-office excision of cervical abnormalities)
  • PTNS (Percutaneous tibial nerve stimulation for treatment of urinary incontinence)
  • InTone (Home based treatment for urinary incontinence)


Our providers are dedicated to helping patients through respect for the individual and continue to seek out better options and improved services. We feel it is important to offer conventional medical care and incorporate other modalities where appropriate while maintaining a friendly staff and patient-centered office.



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